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WEDDING CONCIERGE JAPAN(ウェディング コンシェルジュジャパン)は、「2人の思い出の場所」や「自分たちのスタイル」を、シンプルで分かり易いフォトウェディングプランにしてご用意!問い合わせ→予約→決済までを可能とした一体型のサービスです。

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Fireworks fantasia FUKUOKA Photo Wedding
Media Listings
June 2019…The contents of our business were published in the June issue of Fukuoka Economy.
May2019…Our service "Open Top Bus Photo Wedding" was published in the May issue of Fukuoka Economy as a Reiwa special feature.
May2019…Our service "Open Top Bus Photo Wedding" was covered live as a Reiwa special feature at [Momochihama S Special Report Live].
February2019…W made a guest appearance on the radio program COMITEN "The Global News of the Weekend".
September2018…At KBC Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting Co., Ltd., we were interviewed closely with "Open Top Bus Photo Wedding", a tie-up business between West Japan Railway and WEDDING CONCIERGE JAPAN
July2018…Nishinihon newspaper interviewed "Fireworks Fantasia FUKUOKA2018 Photo Wedding", a collaboration project between our company and the Fireworks Fantasia Executive Committee.
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